The Borghetto

Food and wine delicacies

The World of the Borghetto

This pantry of outstanding food and wine products opened up in 2012 in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Food Valley, in a typical picturesque hexagonal-shaped cheese factory dating back to 1870, a stone’s throw from Mediopadana AV station. The Borghetto is something special for people who love good flavours and food, a treasure trove proudly displaying a careful selection of products that represent and showcase the best of the region’s history and culture. It has become a well-established store and a market leader, located in an exclusively elegant and stylish venue with considerable interior design and visual merchandising features. The Borghetto specialises in gifts for private individuals and companies and can also ship its products all around the world as its suppliers are all certified.

Selezioniamo emozioni

Warm lighting, vibrant colours, aromas and flavours enhance the beauty of healthy, high-quality food, from cheeses to cured meats and wines all carefully selected starting from the suppliers. It is a group of famous companies and small niche businesses from various regions, where food is a “mystical” experience. Laura will tell you that there is a “legend” behind every product, while Simone will pamper and spoil you as well as being great at finding good things and never tiring of adding to her treasure island.

Food and wine delicacies

It is a journey through the best food and wine products, including many bastions of Slow Food straight from small artisan producers: a wide selection of delicacies designed to meet an amazing variety of tastes. These products tell a story, describing a region and showcasing the culture of Italian food.

The art of gifts

The Borghetto has always been the perfect destination for people who see giving a gift as an important gesture. For every type of special occasion, whether the gift is for a loved one or your own employees, the Borghetto provides its experience both for offering packs of products combined with style and imagination and for guiding customers in choosing customised packs.

The Borghetto

Reggio Emilia

Via Veneto, 1 (Loc. Mancasale)

Tel. +39 0522 515220

Opening Times

9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday