Taglierè a Palazzo

Casually chic, never predictable.


Taglierè a Palazzo was created in the unique setting of Palazzo Magnani and instantly became the go-to place for people looking for pleasure and beauty from lunch to aperitifs and after-dinner refreshments. The cuisine is a mix of tradition and innovation and is also designed for an international target audience. The Giardino Segreto (Secret Garden) is one of the venue’s strengths and is good for either dining al fresco or for special events and occasions. “Palazzo” is the place where you can combine a taste experience with social life, being part of a special atmosphere in the beating heart of the city. The artistic and architectural surroundings, together with the expansive summer layout, are features of a “non-place” that instantly evokes a celebratory mood, holidays and leisure time: guests at Palazzo love to enjoy themselves and life and want to “forget about the rest”, enjoying the experience of the venue with a full stomach.

Chef Leonardo Panza

There are no mysteries for Leonardo Panza, a 33-year-old Chef at Taglierè a Palazzo, someone who lets you experience different emotions. His vast experience has always been about experimentation, a unique way of finding the perfect alchemy of tastes and textures that make a great dish. This is the story of someone destined to spend almost all of his life in a restaurant kitchen, ever since he was a baby, that of his father Franco in Mantua. At 20, he switched from his father’s school to the classrooms of Alma, a catering institute in Colorno, by the great maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. Thus began Leonardo Panza’s path to fame, someone who talks with food, because like very few people, he knows how to first stimulate diners’ sight, then smell and finally taste. Mr Panza has travelled all around the world, working in starred restaurants in Italy and abroad, someone who only draws inspiration from his surroundings and presents dishes that you eat with your eyes.

Your Friday evening

Taglierè a Palazzo is about escapism, sharing, beauty and elegance: the mood of the venue goes up another level on Friday evening when the archway of Palazzo Magnani becomes a door to a magical, colourful, surprising world. Just like in a fairy tale, the ancient walls and priceless accessories come to life and set the scene for a night when the real stars are the guests and their dreams.

A taste experience

Regional cuisine and fish dishes

Taglierè a Palazzo and “Democratic Cuisine”: regional ingredients, national and international delicacies, meat and fish are combined and enhanced in a fusion of history, art and vision. The result is a democratic offering, accessible to everyone, well-known and recognisable cuisine with its unique flavour and iconic forms. This is how the dishes become a form of communication, a way of telling a story or many stories, a journey to discover tastes and flavours.


“See you at Palazzo..”.

Every time of day needs a different pleasure. A break all about quality: this is what you will find when you enter Taglierè a Palazzo. Outstanding “cicchetti” straight from our kitchen, designed for all tastes. A customised cocktail menu. Sparkling creations, which skilfully combine tradition and innovation. So you can get together. “See you at Palazzo”. One aperitif for the road..

Taglierè a Palazzo

Reggio Emilia

Corso G. Garibaldi, 29/31

Tel. +39 0522 452753

Opening Times

12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Closed Monday