Taglierè is a point of view, a flavour, a way of understanding catering, a tone and a lifestyle. Taglierè is a vision of time in the sense of quality, a way of interpreting life. Taglierè wants to become the benchmark for catering in Emilia and all around Italy by creating a unique experience of the concept of taste, enjoyment, tradition and innovation. Taglierè’s style is elegant, artistic, warm, naive and a little epicurean; it is a style that is whispered and not shouted from the rooftops. Taglierè is about atmosphere, a journey starting from Emilian history and embracing Italy, the West and the East in an endless spiral. Taglierè is a sunflower, beautiful but focused on its goal in its visionary aesthetics; it is a pink snail with its mould-breaking slowness; it is quiet chaos.

Simone Ferrari

Simone started out in Reggio Emilia with his mind free to wander and many dreams to follow.

Having studied classics, he took a degree in Political Science at the University of Bologna. This was followed by a series of Master’s degrees: in Milan at the IULM and SDA Bocconi, as well as in Bologna at the Alma Graduate School. For someone who loves this type of challenge, his first steps in the world of work simply had to be international, ranging from Milan to New York. At 39, Simone Ferrari loves to call himself “naive”, just like everyone who grew up in the countryside, but who always flew high. The Taglierè restaurants, together with the Borghetto, have become models and driving forces for the future of food. His winning move was to understand that a good recipe and a good wine are not enough: Simone Ferrari managed to combine the world of cooking with culture, design and architecture, staying true to his mantra “Life is Beautiful” which he wanted to offer as his business card with the typical bonhomie of someone who is used to thinking ahead.

Dario Donelli

Dario’s realm is Donelli Avvolgibili, created way back in 1905 by his great-grandfather. The baton was then passed to his grandfather Battista and later on to his father Costaldo, just like in the best patriarchal family traditions. At 47, Dario Donelli is the fourth generation of a prestigious business which has always had its beating heart in Castelnovo Sotto. In 2018, he became a shareholder with Simone Ferrari at the Taglierè Group, grasping the quality and value of what can be built together in this operation, especially if you share the same ideas and strategies. Dario Donelli is someone with great intuition and immediately sought to give strong impetus to this Reggio Emilia food brand, with genuinely outstanding projects. He is well-rounded, supportive, inclusive and optimistic, maintaining extraordinary listening skills, creativity and pragmatism, often putting ethics before profit. His impact in the field of catering is already clear to see, he only makes a wager to win and with Simone Ferrari he has begun to write another important success story.

Our signature dishes

Excellence, the best quality and authentic flavours: welcome to Taglierè, where you can experience and taste the region, offering select, seasonal ingredients but that is not all. A flurry of colours and pairings make every dish unique. Pleasure, delight and character, always with the greatest simplicity. Individual ingredients are therefore combined in fish, cured meat and strictly handmade stuffed pasta dishes. Knowledge, products, research and know-how: this is the signature of the Taglierè style, which offers a unique experience to people from all over the world.


The winery is essential just like the wine itself. It is a magical place built with passion, containing endless stories. Because every single bottle holds an extraordinary secret: a region for you to discover, a legend to be passed down or the adventures of a man to be revealed. This is how our wine lists are created. It is a constantly evolving balance, lively yet never dull, capable of taking you on a journey to discover the many hallmark varieties of Italian wines.

The perfect food and wine gift

The gift in all its forms is love, passion and dedication.

Il Borghetto, the shop of typical products of the Taglierè Group, interprets it through tradition, territory and the pursuit of excellence.

Do you want to create new gift ideas with us or do you have specific needs? Our task is to accompany you on a sartorial journey, from the choice of the product range to packaging. It will be a pleasure to satisfy you.

Taglierè and Art

Paintings, sculptures and works of art by contemporary artists (among others Franco Angeli, Mirko Baricchi, Tano Festa, Luca Freschi, Omar Galliani, Fosco Grisendi, Giulia Maglionico, Luca Moscariello, Rudy Pulcinelli) embellish the walls of the Taglierè restaurants, making every lunch or dinner an experience for the palate and the eyes.
We have a strong partnership with Bonioni Art Gallery which has always taken care of the artistic direction of the Taglierè Group.

Taglierè, a new logo and space

I have tried to convey the essence and spirit of this new path. This shape contains many different elements: the circle aims to convey many aspects: the plate with its contents, the starting point, memory, the goal to be achieved, but it also aims to represent the nucleus of a close-knit team, which wants to build a new public space for the city, a physical and mental space where people can meet up, stimulate their enjoyment, talk or discuss.
Furthermore, the letters of the seven most common alphabets in the world, rising from the skyline of a cosmopolitan city, identify a very clear desire: to combine regional and national aspects such as knowledge, products, research and know-how with universal characteristics to offer a unique experience to people from all over the world. Rudy Pulcinelli”

Work with us

If you want to join our team and experience high-level catering, but above all, if you want to put yourself to the test in a special, dynamic environment, then send us your application.


Reggio Emilia

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Reggio Emilia

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Fidenza (PR)

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Taglierè Kiosk

Venturini Baldini Kiosk

Quattro Castella (RE)

Tenuta Venturini Baldini

Via F. Turati, 42

Opening 4 June 2021


Reggio Emilia

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